Professional Security Patrol Services in Greater Sacramento, CA

The Vanguards of Protection

At GPI, we're your protection specialists. We craft tailored protection plans to keep your community, business, or environment safe and secure. With our compassionate yet hands-on approach, our actions are calculated to gain compliance and apprehension.

Protecting What Matters Most

At GPI, we understand your concerns about keeping your community, business, or environment safe in this rapidly changing social climate. Located in Sacramento, CA, GPI is a veteran, law enforcement, minority-owned and operated agency that sets itself apart with a unique approach to protection. Our hands-on approach is always measured and considers the needs of the communities we serve. As your protection specialists, we aim to craft an effective plan tailored to your unique situation, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment.

Compassionate and effective protection.

You deserve the best protection plan for your specific needs. Our compassionate yet hands-on approach, with the latest escalation-of-force techniques, ensures your community, business, or environment remains secure.

Skilled specialists with diverse backgrounds.

Your protection is our priority. With agents experienced in law enforcement, military, fire and EMS, and specialized training, our team delivers top-notch, tailored security.

Expansive coverage across Sacramento and the Bay Area.

Benefit from our expanding presence. We offer comprehensive coverage across the Sacramento and Bay Area regions to meet your evolving security needs.

"Provides Excellent Security"

GPI (Global Protection & Investigations) provides excellent security for our establishment (bar) and customers. The guards are highly trained and friendly. The number of incidence, and our insurance cost has declined since we started using GPI services.

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Exceptional SecuritY Services

Unmatched Protection for a Safer Tomorrow

GPI provides highly professional security guard services to keep your property, business, and community safe and secure. Our trained and fully equipped security officers are prepared for any assignment, whether patrolling or standing guard on-site. By embedding within your community, our security services deter potential issues before they occur while efficiently handling those that do arise. A dedicated team ensures each service contract is maintained to the highest level, delivering peace of mind through personalized protection.

Empowering security through proactive protection and support.
Joint operations room for security forces operating in the greater Sacramento area

Professional Guards

Our armed and unarmed security guards maintain a professional presence while working alongside the community. They understand each property's unique needs and offer proactive and effective patrol services.

Comprehensive Patrol Services

Our patrol officers conduct thorough site surveys to identify potential risks, providing consistent monitoring of the area. Their presence helps deter issues and promptly address any challenges that arise.

Dedicated Contract Management Team

A committed team, including sergeants, lieutenants, captains, and commanders, supports each contract to ensure professional security services meet your expectations.

Security forces operating in the greater Sacramento area

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Reach out to our team of experts to discover how GPI's comprehensive security solutions can provide unmatched protection for your community, business, or environment. Let's create a tailored plan that ensures your peace of mind.